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About Us

“I had such a great experience at Scarlet Bridal Boutique!! Sharon was so friendly and  helpful!! I did not feel rushed at all and was able to find the perfect dress for our big day!! So grateful that I stopped in here!!  Kathryn C.

My ultimate goal is to provide brides, mothers, and elegant ladies in search of event dresses with a serene and stress-free shopping environment. I am dedicated to offering top-notch customer service with a personal touch through one-on-one private appointments. Consider me your personal shopper for bridal and formal wear, as we explore the racks together to discover your perfect dress, creating an unforgettable shopping experience. Adding to the convenience, Scarlet Bridal offers off-the-rack options, allowing you to escape the hassle of ordering, waiting for shipping, and uncertain arrival dates. And let’s not forget, there’s a daily sale, ensuring you enjoy the best of both worlds. All our bridal and formal selections are priced below retail, offering competitive prices that fit your budget while saving you valuable time and money. It’s truly a win-win situation. If you’re seeking a unique shopping experience within a warm and friendly atmosphere, kindly visit our contact page and send me an email. Scarlet Bridal Boutique proudly presents a stunning and exclusive collection of new sample off-the-rack wedding dresses, along with mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom dresses, evening wear, veils, and accessories, all designed to make your special day truly memorable. Our inventory changes swiftly, so what captivates you today may not be available upon your next visit. Prepare yourself to take home something truly fabulous today.--

Sharon Barratt - Scarlet Bridal Boutique
Sharon Barratt
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