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Resale Agreement

Scarlet Bridal Boutique Resale Agreement


I give permission for Scarlet Bridal to sell the listed items below on my behalf. I agree upon the sale price of each item listed, and understand that my share of each item sold will be as follows:

~ Upon sale of a wedding gown I will receive 50% of the sale price

~ Upon sale of all other items I will receive 50% of the sale price


Scarlet Bridal Boutique reserves the right to take in items that are NEW for resale.  We DO NOT take used items.

I agree that the resale period for my items will be for 1 year beginning on the date my item(s) enter the store. Scarlet Bridal has the right to use these items for advertising and marketing on their website, social media, promotional purposes and window displays. I understand the items will be handled with care, however, Scarlet Bridal assumes no liability for lost, stolen, or damaged items that are beyond their control. Please note the items listed will be tried on in the boutique. We do our best to keep items in received condition.  

At the 6 months of my item(s) resale period, Scarlet Bridal reserves the right to offer up to 10% discount on my item to insure it’s sale. After my item has been in the store for longer than 12 months, if agreed upon, I understand that Scarlet Bridal reserves the right to reduce the price of my item by 25% in an effort to insure a sale. If a customer comes into Scarlet Bridal and falls in love with your item, but is looking for a price not discussed, we will call you to ask what will be an acceptable price to sell to the customer.

Please note, the seller acknowledges that their item will be sold on resale and tried on by potential buyers.  This may result in “sample wear.” However, we do our best to keep items in good condition but can not guarantee that your item will be in the same condition as when it was left for resale.  You are leaving your item and reselling at your own discretion.

At the END of the resale period, I understand that Scarlet Bridal WILL NOT CONTACT ME to discuss the future of any item that remains in the store. I agree that it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to keep Scarlet Bridal informed of any changes to my contact information, such as mailing address, email address, phone number and legal name. If at the end of the agreement I still have an item(s) left at Scarlet Bridal and I have not contacted the boutique, I understand that the items will be donated on my behalf by Scarlet Bridal. I agree NOT TO HOLD Scarlet Bridal financially liable for any items that are donated on my behalf after the end of the resale period.

I understand that the item(s) listed belong to me until such a time as they have been sold. I may at any time collect any unsold items or items not on layaway and terminate the resale agreement within at least 48- hour notice to Scarlet Bridal.

Once my item(s) have been sold I understand that I will be contacted by Scarlet Bridal within 48 hours and I will be expected to come to Scarlet Bridal and receive a check for what is owed to me according to the resale agreement.  If the check is not picked up within 10 days, the transaction will be null and void and the total amount will be in the full possession of Scarlet Bridal.  Venmo can also be an option if agreed upon.

By signing this below, I acknowledge these terms and agree to comply with them fully.

Items for Resale_____________________________________________   Price: ____________


Email & Phone number_______________________________________________________________


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